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Full Body Scrubs

What are the benefits of a Full Body Scrub?

It is natural that the skin cells of the body shed to reveal the healthy skin beneath.  As we age, this natural process slows.  A full body massage helps to boost the process.

Aside from the scrub’s benefit of exfoliation, it helps to boost the blood flow to the skin with the gentle rubbing motion.  It can even aid in draining your lymph nodes.

The most noticeable benefit of a body scrub is the smoothness of your skin. This process leaves your skin more accepting to moisturizers and gives you a long-lasting glow.

Coconut & Fresh Mint – removes 3x the amount of dead skin and provide a deep cleaning for the pores .
The scrub leaves skin feeling refined and refreshed and the skin is renedered smoother with a long lasting natural glow .
Coconut oil also acts a natural sunblock to protect freshly scrubbed skin from the rays of the sun .
Ganulated Sugar or Epsom Salt
Organic Coconut Oil
Fresh mint leaves Chopped Finely
Mint and citrus essential oils (optional)
Hazelnut & Brown Sugar –  Great for Daily exfoliating.  Eliminates rough skin patches ,  soothes dry and peeling skin from climate changes .
Gives your body a healthier and more enjoyable feel .
Dark Brown Sugar
Fresh Hazelnut Grounded to a fine powder
Almond Oil
Your choice of essential oil blend (optional )
Macadamia and Lime – slough away dead skin cells and stimulates the growth new healthier , more vibrant skin.
Sustainably harvested sugar exfoliates as pure macadamia oil disrupts aging by replenishing skin all over the body.
Macadamia seed oil
Safflower seed oil
Beeswax and fragrance
Avocado & Coconut – this scrub is ideal for those who carry darkened scars and bruises on the skin.  It’s also for those who carry alot of Acne / Black heads over the body.  The Ingredients in the scrub even out the skin tone blending noticeable scars  and removes troublsome black heads. This scrub removes heavy layers of deads skin and stimulates cells growth
Ingredients :
Fresh Avocado
Coconut milk
Grated Coconut shavings
Granuated sugar
Rock Salt (optional)
Lavender Vanilla – perfect for the getaway.  This scrubs uses a combination of essential oils such as Lavender, Mint , Patchouli breathe And Citrus to awaken, but also calm the body.  The scrub is very light and relaxing. Removes dead skin and rehydrates rough and dry patches along the surface of the skin.   This aroma and scrub overall leaves your skin radiant, smooth and you in a peaceful state mind .
Vanilla Extract
Lavender and Patchouli essential oil blend
Brown sugar or white sugar
Pure Jojoba Oil
I use to get painful trigger point injections NOT ANYMORE. with a trigger point massages from RAMEL, I don’t need them! He has truly helped give me back a level of comfort from pain and increased daily energy, that I thought i would never have again .
-Frank Groves
I had never had a massage before and was a little nervous. I really didn’t know what to expect. From the moment RAMEL greeted me he was professional and instantly put me at ease. The massage was incredible! RAMEL found tension and stored stress, even I didn’t know was there. Through it all he stayed in tune with where I was at, keeping the pressure just right to work on the areas that were causing me the most issues.  I now have a weekly massage sessions with Ramel and I can testify that  my daily pain has continued to be dramatically lower than before. -Thank you Ramel

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